Suits and Stripes

You Need to Check the Following Suits if You’re a Big Man.

Suits and Stripes

One of the classic from men’s wear is undoubtedly stripes. It has been in and out of the fashion scene constantly. Even though, it is a classic people often tend to get it wrong. With stripes you have to be spot on or your whole look just doesn’t sit right. You should consider your body type, the look you are going for, perfectly matched outfit, so that you are at that sweet and perfect balance.

Stripes have been one of my personal favourite because you can dress them up and down according to the occasion and that is simply what I look for during wardrobe shopping. The variety with stripes is unlimited. You can go for the bold look or just stay casual and plain and you would look good either ways.

However, this one is a guide for stripes and suits. One thing you cannot go wrong with is sporting a pinstripe suit. If you are someone that works in the corporate world and has been on formal events you would probably have a pinstripe suit in your closet. Pinstripe suits are now breaking the stereotype and are being incorporated into different events than just office formals and corporate world. We are happy to tell you that gone are the days when pinstripe suits were seen only as corporate formals. Today they are so much more than that. All you have to do is follow these basics and look good!


If you are looking for something simple yet adventurous pair your pinstripe suit with a solid colored shirt or you can match the pinstripe and shirt’s color. Although, for the tie go for a bit simpler, plain and mild tone.

Stripes on Stripes

If you are feeling bold enough then you should try pairing stripes with stripes. wear a striped shirt with a pinstripe suit but keep in mind that the width of the two should vary and do not choose a stripe patterned tie while going for this look it would not suit well.


If you want to go a little wild with your look but not too over the board then we suggest pairing the pinstripe suit with a gingham shirt and accessorize it with a solid tie.

Following are some inspirational looks from celebs: