Patrick Schwarzenegger in Suit

Patrick Schwarzenegger in Suit

Patrick Schwarzenegger in Suit

Patrick Schwarzenegger, famous star kid mainly because of his fashion choices. He is well appreciated by the critics because of his fun and bold versatile dressing. Being a celebrity child has both pros and con. Where you get the privileges there is some down side to the situation as well. People unconsciously compare them to their star parents and it is harder to make your own individual identity and get praise upon that especially, if your dad is someone like Arnold Schwarzenegger who is super famous and successful. And not only his father is famous; he is also the grandnephew of JFK.

However, Patrick manages to make his individual identity in the Hollywood world through his fashion sense. His film career is still in its early stages he has made the fashion game strong for the celebs, though.

Looking at Patrick Schwarzenegger we can say that he has a very versatile taste in fashion and is always up for experimentation. He is also good in dressing according to the occasion and doesn’t fail to impress with his look.

It is hard to choose but some of his absolute best looks would be:

This is one of those patterns that may fool many. From a distance what may be mistaken as checks are actually zigzag pattern. The color choice is very versatile and anyone can pull it off. If you want something on the simpler side then you can go with a white shirt underneath and a black pair of trousers.

Here, Patrick Schwarzenegger is wearing a classic traditional double breasted suit that is buttoned up with a roll-up neck. The color contrast of grey and black is a classic as well. The key point here is the smart tailoring of his suits trousers that gives him an overall sharp look.

This look is like a 1960s comeback where bright velvet colors were pretty in. though, Patrick wears it so nicely that it inspires us to try it once. However, you can tone the brightness of the jacket down by wearing it with a white shirt and black trousers like Patrick Schwarzenegger did.

This is just his different suit style looks that we discussed there is so much more to his versatile wardrobe that need to be reviewed. We are always looking forward to Patrick Schwarzenegger for trend setting looks and dressing.