Best Shirt and Tie Combinations for Men

Guide on how to wear a knit tie

Best Shirt and Tie Combinations for Men

Men’s fashion is all about the little details. It is these little details that make a whole new difference to their outfits. In this guide we will be talking about two essential combos for men, shirts and ties. They are the two things that are able to grab everyone’s attention if paired correctly.

Following are four absolute combinations that never fail and make you look stylish and good, always!

The contrast Combo

Number one is the contrast. This is the simplest one yet people still tend to make mistakes with this one. To demonstrate some of the best contrast you may consider light blue shirt with a tie in orange-y or yellow-y. Like burgundy or gold. Try experimenting keeping this example in mind.

The Complementing Combo

You can also go with the complementing colors with shirt and tie. For example, you can choose a light shaded of pink (preferably pastel colors) for your shirt with a navy blue tie or dark purple shade. This is another one that is hard to mess up.

Knit and Print Combo

If you are looking for something even more adventurous you can also go with the knit and print combination. Knit ties aren’t that common than silk ties so when you wear it you are already opting out of the norm. To rock a knitted tie pair it up with a shirt that is striped, gingham shirt go really well with them as well. For safer options choose a navy blue, green or brown knitted tie.

Knit ties go well with the office aesthetics because of their grainy feel and look. This combination is also very refreshing.

Pattern on Pattern

This one is pretty risky but the look of it is very sharp so we suggest trying out this combo. If you are wearing a striped shirt you don’t have to worry much about the ties as you have multiple choices you can wear any size of pattern big or small and they both would look good. However, when you go for check shirt make sure you choose a bigger patterned tie.

If you want to have a bolder look then go with a paisley or geometric print. Keeping in mind the contrast and complement color thing. It also looks really cool when some of the shirt and tie patterns color match like some of the shirt’s color is there in the tie. This makes it look more suited.

While wearing a check shirt you can wear a striped or polka dotted tie but make sure the tie’s stripes or polka dots are bolder and bigger.

+Lastly, if you feel like you are not looking right and that too much is going on with the outfit change accordingly. Always go with the instincts!