Steal Their Look: Celebrity Suits

Hollywood personalities determine the latest trends and decide how the world should dress. These celebrities spearhead the direction of fashion with their style, but keeping up with current crazes can take a toll on your wallet. Thankfully, Hundred Dollar Suits provides alternatives to the overpriced celebrity suits with affordable, stylish clothing.

Celebrity Suit Option 1: Tom Hiddleston and the timeless black suit


Black goes with everything.  Any man, woman, child, dog, looks good in a sleek all black outfit. A good black suit works for the classiest of date nights or calmed down for a relaxed event. This particular celebrity suit is so simple and easy to make into your own.

Tom Hiddleston plays it safe here with a sharp black suit and matching subtle striped black tie. Steal this look for only $100 today. Upgrade on Tom’s look with a patterned shirt and a sharp tie clip to add some personal flair. Wear with a pair of classic black oxfords for the standard formal look. If the occasion is more relaxed, skip the tie all together and unbutton the shirt a little bit. Moretti black loafers with no socks will complete the dressed down look while still looking effortlessly elegant.


Celebrity Suit Option 2: A light blue Bradley Cooper


Personally, I’m a huge fan of the blue suit. Too often black suits can be a little stiff, a nice navy adds just the right amount of color while maintaining a level of sharpness perfect for any occasion.

Bradley Cooper dawns the light blue, one button suit at the premiere of the Hangover III. The slick floral tie makes this whole outfit pop by breaking the contemporary look of the three piece suit. If snazzy ties aren’t your thing try a bold pocket square to help set this suit apart. Brown shoes normally go best with blue suits but black shoes can work depending on the accessories. These brown monk straps perfectly compliment the cool tones of this suit.

Celebrity Suit Option 3: Chris Hemsworth with an elegant gray


Asgard’s finest, Chris Hemsworth, pairs his light gray suit with black accents to create an effortlessly stylish look at this premiere in London. No tie, shirt unbuttoned, the Australian star knows how to dress down a suit for casual occasions.

Sharkskin has become the most popular shade of gray suit in recent years due to it’s style versatility. Our sharkskin suit provides a flexible look perfect for any occasion. Wear it with either dark or light tones depending on the season or event. Lighter, warmer colors such as coral or a soft purple to loosen up the look. Copying Chris Hemsworth’s style of black shirts with dark accents makes for a classy, stoic outfit.

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