How to Wear Patterns and Prints with Style this Summer!

How to Wear Patterns and Prints with Style this Summer!

How to Wear Patterns and Prints with Style this Summer!

It is always great to choose solid colors for a perfect dressing style for every guy. But the same color might give you a sense of boredom. So, it is better to often change your taste and mix it with other things too. Talking about the summer, when everyone just wants to stay cool and calm, the correct patterns and prints can lift you up high in the sky and make you prominent among others. For a wedding ceremony to a date, summer party to regular meetups, this is how you can get into those patterns and prints.

For Beginners:

If you are a beginner, use patterns to assimilate with complementary colors. Try going out with minimalist wave patterns mix with checkered shorts. Magnify your elegance by pairing your dress with leather sneakers. In the end, you will find yourself more than just handsome. The idea can go for all ages and give you an American preppy style with a modern touch.

For Intermediate:

By getting used to different patterns in your style, you can now have a full confidence to catch other complex patterns and prints. If you like to be bold and go with such pattern, then you need to pay extra care to which your suit must be paired up. Don’t worry, I am here to solve all your troubles. *wink* To maintain your dressing, choose elusive patterns and colors that would not look odd with each other. It is always versatile to wear polos with different patterns and prints.

For Masters:

Now you have reached on that level of your styling where you can easily mix bolder patterns and prints and drift yourself to be a perfectionist. What lies here is that you now have a quick sense of balancing everything. You just need to be braver to add different elements to your dressing like plain white kicks or denim over shirt.

After all that I have mentioned, it needs to clear out that these will work great only if you love to be distinct from the crowd. You will rock and roll with the patterns and prints anytime you want by just keeping in view the usual rules of style.