Things banned from my wardrobe part four

Things banned from my wardrobe

Things banned from my wardrobe part four

Item number ten: Dress sneakers

Dress sneakers, I would love to start incorporating this into my wardrobe. The problem is, I haven't had any sneakers that actually fit me or that I can keep wearing on and on. You can pull them out with some sports jacket, but that style was never so great looking on me, and I seriously never liked it so much.

Item number eleven: Headwear

When it is cold outside, yes, I wear protective headwear, but if I have got a choice just to wear it, that rarely ever happens. I like hats with ear protection, but I don't find too many opportunities to pull them off. Akubra, great hat, I had gifted it to me when I was in the Blue Mountains in Australia. It reminds me of my time there, great hat, but I don't really wear it a lot and I am not planning to wear it in the future.

The last item that I banned from my wardrobe: Eyeglasses

I grew up wearing eyeglasses from fifth grade to about ninth grade and then something funny happened with my freshman year in high school. I was at a water park and I met a girl and she said you look so good without your glasses. Guess what, those things came off, I never put them on again. Am I going to be wearing glasses at some point? I think I will. Maybe in five years, ten years I will need glasses and then I can just go right back to it and talk about glasses, but I still think that they are a great accessory, one that most men could have more fun with, and lucky for me, I am not required to have contacts or glasses at this point.