Things banned from my wardrobe part three

Things banned from my wardrobe

Things banned from my wardrobe part three

The items on this list are perfect for those that can pull them out, but for us that can't, we should for sure keep them banned from the wardrobe and make the life easier.

Item number seven: The necktie

Now, I am cheating a bit on this one because I used to wear neckties more often, but nowadays, I am not wearing neckties as much and that is a shame because I actually like neckties, but here is the thing is it added complexity to already a very busy day and I don't have to. Do I want to? Yes.

Item number eight: Black dress shoes

I have got about fifty pairs of shoes, most of them dress shoes and two of them are black and these two pairs of black shoes I rarely ever wear them. Actually, I used to wear them quite a bit. But I stopped wearing black. I went to oxblood, I went to dark brown, I went to medium brown. I had a lot of fun with my shoes. These shoes are great. In a pinch, I could pull them and wear them with a nice suit, but it is just something that I moved on from black shoes.

Item number nine: Driving moccasins

When it comes down to it, these are totally impractical for walking around as I figured out. I like them, they are comfortable. I just didn't find a use or a way to actually be able to bring this into my wardrobe. I have got about three pairs of them and I think that they are really cool. I even tried wearing this around and I started wearing into the backend. And that is when I realized, you know, I probably should just keep but not wear them.