What Should A Guy Wear To A Wedding: Suit Color

Picking Your Suit Color: What should a guy wear to a wedding?

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Diamonds might not last forever but wedding pictures sure do. Learn what should a guy wear to a wedding and be prepared to make some memories.

Flowers and cameras and champagne! Oh my, a wedding! Such a big day calls for something a bit more fashionable than your go to button down and a pair of jeans. How do you know what should a guy wear to a wedding? Does the season matter? What about the venue? Don’t worry, here are some inspirations so you can pick the perfect suit for every wedding.

As royal as blue chalk stripe

A truly bold look, the Royal Blue Chalk Stripe Suit leaves a lasting impression. If you choose to wear this to a wedding be prepared to show your stuff on the dance floor. Accessorize with a nice pair of brown shoes and some fun socks. Cool socks also help you strut a little extra when you whip out those moves. Perfect for any wedding from March to late August.

The timeless navy/charcoal

If you’re asking “What should a guy wear to a wedding” then you’re safest bet is the classic navy or charcoal suit. Timeless, good for all seasons, and effortlessly stylish both options make for dapper looks. The one button Navy Suit is the more formal alternative. Remember with one button jackets whenever you stand, it needs to be buttoned (vice-versa unbutton it when seated).


The Charcoal Suit works extremely well with a purple tie and a light dress shirt. This suit can easily become a stable of your wardrobe. Both of these suits are malleable enough to make your own; try different shirt, tie, and pocket square combinations for a unique style that defines you!

Match with the bride white

This White Suit gives a clean, summertime look. Nothing looks slicker than a good white suit. Envision yourself with a cigar in one hand, a beer in the other, standing lakeside at your best friend’s wedding.  Sounds nice, doesn’t it? A tie becomes optional, but the pocket square is a must. A snazzy pocket square makes the whole outfit an extra pop.

Light Gray

Another fantastic summer alternative, pair the Light Gray Suit with a gingham shirt and a skinny tie for a timeless look. Still not sure what should a guy wear to a wedding? Maybe even experiment with darker, bolder shirts for a fall or winter wedding. Just like the white suit, give strong consideration to adding a pocket square for a more personal look.


what should a guy wear to a wedding plum suit Really trying to elevate your game? Look no further than the Plum One Button Suit. Windowpane or solid neutral colors accentuate the fabric. Pair it with a solid navy or black tie and you’ll go from a plus one to life of the party. Flexible enough to be worn during a cool outdoor wedding or a traditional style, winter wedding depending on how you choose to style it.

So What Should A Guy Wear To A Wedding?

At the end of the day, it comes down to the specific wedding you’re attending. A clean white suit or a slick light gray make for perfect summer options. Navy and charcoal are classic options that look good beyond the ceremony in every season. Or choose to be adventurous with a royal blue suit and kill the dance floor. Whatever you pick just make sure it fits well and remember, everyone looks good in a suit.