Things banned from my wardrobe part one

Things banned from my wardrobe

Things banned from my wardrobe part one

Today I am trying to explain why I don't wear certain items and also why have I banned them from my wardrobe.

Item number one: Ascot

Menswear item number one that you are probably never going to see me wear is an ascot. I don't have anything against the ascot, but it is just not something that fits my style. It is something that you rarely ever see. That is not to say that you can't pull it off. In the right area, sure, you could probably pull it off.

Item number two: The boutonniere

Again, a great item, I love boutonnieres. I love the idea of boutonnieres. I have got a couple of jackets which actually have a hole open for a boutonniere so that you can slip it in and they have even got the attachment for the boutonniere. From a practical perspective, I found that not so interesting. They draw too much attention, they stand out and I don't want everyone to pay attention to what boutonniere I am actually wearing. So do I like them? Yes. Am I going to wear them? No.

Item number three: Suspenders

I think that suspenders can look great on the right man especially if you are a bigger guy and you want an alternative to a belt to keeping your pants up. I think they are very functional. Suspenders are not something that I just decided not to make them part of my wardrobe. Nothing against suspenders, again, I think for the right guy they can add a lot of style to your wardrobe, but for me, I have decided to skip them. They don't suit my style so much, and they don't look very good comparing to the other items in my wardrobe.