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    The instagram savvy mogul, Hannah Bronfman also the creator of HBFIT and the mobile app Beautified, got married in Morocco to her fiance Brendan Fallis. Instagrams sweetheart, Hannah Bronfman is not only an entrepreneur but also, a DJ alongside her husband Brendan Fallis. The Manhattan born entrepreneur, shares her day to day fitness routines, diet and exclusive skin care products through social media, and has gained a large following because of her lavish lifestyle and career.


    Hannah Bronfman and Brendan Fallis has taken the crown for the ultimate wedding ceremony in Morocco. Her custom Vera Wang dress fits perfectly to create the most graceful and elegant wedding dress.Th fashionista served us looks throughout her stay in Morocco.




  • How To Dress Fashionably In Winter

    Rules For Wearing A Longline Fit

    Needless to say, longline clothing is not easy to pull off, but, if done right, it can make other men try to copy your style, which we all know feels pretty amazing. Wearing longline fits is a trend; however, not many men can nail the look. This is because there are some rules that one must follow in order to make longline clothing work. Don’t worry; although it is highly important to follow the rules, they are quite simple and easy. Let us show you.

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  • Is Tie Pin Still in Fashion?

    Tips on how to combine and wear a pocket square part 4

    It is important to have the right size of your pocket square and depending on the fabric and the thickness of it, different sizes work best. You always want to avoid having a pocket square that is too small that it just disappears into your pocket because it cannot stay up.

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  • Is Tie Pin Still in Fashion?

    Tips on how to combine and wear a pocket square part 3

    A good pocket square will always make you look polished and complete and if you want to want to show the edges of your square, make sure it has hand rolled edges because it is a true hallmark of a gentleman who knows how to dress elegantly. Avoid machine stitched pocket squares because they are not elegant.

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  • Is Tie Pin Still in Fashion?

    Tips on how to combine and wear a pocket square part 2

    You do not want to incorporate more than three different patterns in your outfit otherwise it easily gets overwhelmed. Of course, there are very dapper men who can combine four or even five patterns in one outfit but that requires a lot of experience, skill, and a good eye. You can choose a bold jacket and you can make it look harmonious and flattering if you pair it with the toned down tie, pocket square, and shirt.

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  • Is Tie Pin Still in Fashion?

    Tips on how to combine and wear a pocket square part 1

    Accessories are not just an add-on to your outfit, they actually can make it or break it. To achieve something that is pleasing and flattering, you need to create a harmonious look. For example, navy jacket paired with a pastel and blue striped shirt, those colors are picked up by the tie, blue and yellow, orange and red, and then complemented by a pocket square that is yellow. When pairing an outfit together, you have to consider different degrees of formality, and you have to look at the texture of your cloth. They are all different so you also have to consider the different color palettes that you combine into your outfit.

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  •     Khaki pants guide for men

    Khaki pants guide for men

    In a nutshell, khakis are khaki colored, cotton twill pants. First off, let's talk about the history of Khaki pants. Khakis have an Indian heritage. In 1848, the corps of guides wore it as part of their uniform in India. In the 19th century, a British military had realized that their scarlet red uniforms looked really great, but it also made them easily visible to their enemies and so they realized it was time for a change. The uniforms also soiled very easily whereas the dust-colored pants of the Indian uniforms never looked dirty. The word khaki is derived from Hindi and means as much as dust-colored or soil colored which explains the perfect name for the khaki pants. For the same reason, khaki pants today are still within a spectrum of dust and sand-colored, never anything else. Enamored with the looks of khaki pants, the British military adopted it as part of their uniform for the Mahdist War and the second world war.

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  • A Guide To Styling Tank Tops

    A Guide To Styling Tank Tops

    From being a popular underwear piece to being an acceptable casual attire option, tank tops have come a very long way from a style perspective. Tank tops become an important article of clothing during summer months, and it is the practical ease of their wear that has made them so popular. But before someone puts them on, they need to follow certain rules. Tank tops are a highly casual option and there are not many places where you can wear them. So here are the right occasions for tank tops and how you can style them.

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  • What To Wear To The Beach

    What To Wear To The Beach

    Summer is incomplete without going to the beach a few times. The season doesn't stay very long, so you have to make the best of it. For that, you and your wardrobe need to be ready. So we're here to make sure that you have all the clothing items to nail the beach look.

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  • Semi Formal For Weddings

    How to spot a good quality suit part 7

    Hallmarks of a good quality suit, number 13: Shoulder construction

    You have to look at the shoulder construction and how it falls. For example, when you combine a shoulder with a sleeve, you have fabric that ends on both sides. If you fold them both towards the shoulder, you create a shirt style shoulder which is also known as spalla camicia in Italian, it is a very distinctive look and if you see that, you know it is most likely a custom bespoke garment that is expensive and not a cheap off the rack suit. Basically, all off-the-rack suits and also some higher-end suits, have the shoulder and fold this way. It gives you a less pronounced look of the shoulder seam and sometimes you will find people who fold both of them towards the sleeve side and they may even add a little bit of extra layer in there to get a slightly elevated shoulder seam sleeve head which then drapes nicely down the sleeve. It is a nice look and you need a little experience for that because it is not easy to spot for a beginner, but once you are more into suits, you can easily see what kind of shoulder it is.

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