How to find the perfect summer shirt part two

How to find the perfect summer shirt

How to find the perfect summer shirt part two

I told you that I will tell you in this part which shirt is the shirt that I would go all summer, and that is going to be a long-sleeved button-down made from a woven material. And I know that some of you guys are immediately saying that is way too hot, way too uncomfortable and not something that I would bring into my wardrobe.
And now we come to a guide part and the tips on how to choose the best summer shirt for you.

FFF triangle-When it comes to the perfect summer shirt, it is really simple - fit, function, fabric style pyramid, use it and you will see that you will choose your shirts better.


So first up, let's talk about perfect summer shirt fit. You want to make sure that you are getting the right size. If the shirt is too small, if it's tight, you are going to get hotspots, you are going to get maybe the armpit area, it is going to start to rub your raw. You are not going to like the shirt, you are not going to wear it and you are going to waste your money. The opposite end is wearing a shirt that is too large and this is where the vast majority of men make the mistake. You buy something, and maybe it is a little bit too long in the sleeves, maybe it is a little bit too much extra material in the torso. Have it brought in, don't overdo this, but definitely go pay the tailor tax, get it adjusted, it is going to look so much better on you, and you will for sure feel and look so much better in it.