How to find the perfect summer shirt part one

How to find the perfect summer shirt

How to find the perfect summer shirt part one

There is a bunch of contenders out there for the perfect summer shirt. All the shirts in my wardrobe, they are good, ordinary, but only one shirt can be the perfect summer shirt.

White T-shirt

The white t-shirt, a lot of guys they are going to do right to this. I think that it is a great option, but it is very casual. Unless you got an amazing body sometimes it is not going to always compliment you. You can offset not so amazing body with a dark colored t-shirt with a V-neck. I think that is a great option, but still very casual.


It does a great job of drawing attention right up to the neck area, to the chest area, but even a short-sleeved Henly still very casual, and if you are looking for a good, dressy shirt this one is good, but still not the perfect one.

Classic Polo

The polo is going to be dressier than any other shirts because it has a collar. A soft collar, and in fact, the fabric itself is going to be a very soft cotton. It has actually got a little bit of a napped surface. It is going to be a surface which is still going to make the shirt very casual, the collar though is going to dress it up. Is it the perfect summer shirt? I love it. It gets a lot of wear, but not yet perfect.

Now all those other shirts are great I love them, I wear them. They rotate through my wardrobe But if you made me choose one style that I would go to all summer, guys, I am going to talk about it in the second part of How to find the perfect summer shirt.