Men's Bathroom Essentials EVERY Guy Needs

Men's Bathroom Essentials EVERY Guy Needs

Men's bathroom essentials EVERY guy needs

Your bathroom says a lot about you because women find a guy with a clean bathroom a lot more attractive, and a guy that is neat, tidy and organized. Even if you are okay with the filth, you must keep your bathroom clean for the women or man that you live with. Your bathroom is an extension of you - is it tidy and do you have all of the essential tools?

Bathroom essentials, number 1: Electric toothbrush

If you want your smile and mouth hygiene games to be taken to that next level, you have to invest in a great quality electric toothbrush. A manual toothbrush is okay, but electric ones are just better.

Bathroom essentials, number 2: Handheld mirror

A hand-handled mirror is amazing because usually, it has two different sides, one with a magnification which is perfect for shaving your face.

Bathroom essentials, number 3: Shower gear: shampoo & conditioner, face wash, loofa, body wash

You need a good conditioner to keep your hair moisturized, and a good face wash to keep your face moisturized too. Also, you are going to need something to exfoliate your body and that is loofa. Then you are going to need a body wash that will help you stay fresh and smell awesome.

Bathroom essentials, number 4: Towels

You need good towels that will soak up water after you shower and that will keep you dry.

Bathroom essentials, number 5: Robe and slippers

You should treat yourself and buy an amazingly soft and luxurious robe to slip into after a hot shower. Also, every guy needs a pair of nice warm slippers.

Bathroom essentials, number 6: Hair products and tools

You need these to achieve amazing locks of lusciousness. You will need a hair gel, a hairdryer, maybe a hair straightener if you have long hair a good brush, and this is my pick of items that every guy needs in his bathroom.