Looks You Never Knew You Could Pull-off With V-neck Sweaters!

 V-neck Sweaters

Looks You Never Knew You Could Pull-off With V-neck Sweaters!

V-neck sweaters have never been a very common trend. It did keep on getting hyped by some celebrity or public figure from time to time though. The thing with V-neck sweaters is that many may consider it a bit risky fashion choice.  With a little bit of wrong choices things can go very bad and it might seem like you are trying too hard.

We have chosen some fresh new looks for you to pull off this year.

  • Suit it up:

Take things to another level this year and wear a V-neck sweater to work. Yes, you heard it right!

Pair your V-neck sweater with a suit. But do not go overboard with the color choices. We know it can get a bit confusing while choosing the right color of V-neck sweater to wear under your suit but if you keep it basic then you are all good to go. Choose colors like navy or gray. This attire is sure to make you look as classy as you can imagine plus you get to have a choice of wearing or not wearing a tie. In our opinion lose the tie.

  • Bring Back the 70s Vibe:

If you want to go a bit casual yet chic then you can choose this look for you. In this look you can wear a shirt underneath your V-neck sweater and let its collar popped out.

This is the classic 70s vibe but you can add your own touch to it to make it look more modern. Consider wearing white shirt underneath a gray or a blue V-neck sweater or you can wear a bold color if you feel like it.

  • The Simple Look:

If you think you can pull off V-neck without any roll-up undershirt then no one should stop you from doing so. It is one of the simplest look but something about it looks very trendy and modern. You can pair it up with a blazer or just go bare. If you choose this look you can play around a lot with different colors but be a bit cautious of with the choice you make.

After all, The struggle is all about how you want your clothing to define you!