Battle Of The Pants: Flat Front vs Pleated

Cut from the right cloth, the difference between flat front vs pleated pants

A well-dressed gentleman knows the intricacies of fashion, everything from what to wear to a black tie event or when to ditch the tie. Style is an art but no one ever talks about the bottom half of a man’s outfit. So let’s take a moment to discuss the difference between flat front vs pleated pants and learn the best option for you.

Flat Front

The more common option, flat fronts offer versatility and a modern style. Flat fronts offer a smooth and straight look to compliment any business casual outfit. The slim design requires less material for a more tailored cut. Notice how our white one button suit with flat front pants fits perfectly down through the legs.


By removing any excess fabric, this style will compliment any figure by avoiding any bagging and giving a slimming appearance. Make sure that the pockets don’t bulge when you try them on, if they do try going up a pant size. Position them lower on the hips for the perfect fit.

Pleated Pants

The only difference between flat front vs pleated pants are the pleats, a “pleat” simply refers to the fold or crease down the length of the pants. That crease comes from the extra fabric and gives a little more room. Currently they are typically saved for more formal occasions but historically they didn’t start that way. World War II actually caused pleated pants to take on a more formal perception, because government rationing made them the less practical option.

Flat front vs pleated pants, tan pleated pants

Good for men who like a little extra breathing room when they dress up, pleats generally look best with a slight cuff at the bottom. Also, keep in mind they should be worn higher up on the hip to prevent any bagging near the foot. Try a few pairs to find the right style and size for you because they can be tricky to pull off. The Southern Charm Tan Suit features beautiful pleats, perfect for summer and warm days. 

So How Do You Pick Between Flat Front Vs Pleated Pants?

The best way to decide is to simply try them on! Take a look at single pleats and double pleats or just ditch them and opt for the slimmer flat front. Either way just make sure that the fit is right and get it tailored. A proper tailoring job will make any outfit look priceless.


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