The Wedding Survival Guide

Wedding Survival Guide: Go From Plus One to Life of The Party

Going to a wedding can be a stressful thing, especially if you don't know many people there. You have to get a gift, wear a suit, drink (but not too much), dance, mingle, be a good date. Ok so maybe that doesn't sound too bad but there are countless nuances and unspoken rules you must understand to be the best guest you can be. Follow the wedding survival guide to ensure you abide by the unwritten laws of a wedding.


A pink sweater can soften up a regular wardrobe, making it perfect for V-Day! A pink sweater can soften up a regular wardrobe, making it perfect for an informal wedding!


Rule 1. RSVP And Read The Invitation

❖  Always, always RSVP to a wedding. Don’t be that jerk who just shows up. This is a big day for the happy couple that requires months of planning, the least you can do is click a button or send a return letter. RSVPing could be the most important rule on the whole wedding survival guide make sure to do it.

❖  Also, double check the invitation for a dress code. Most wedding invites include some type of suggestion on what to wear. Take a look at this Charcoal Suit or our White Slim Fit Suit for safe wedding friendly options.


Rule 2. Get A Good Gift

❖  Again this falls under common courtesy rather than tips, nonetheless still important. Hit up the registry early so you can get a thoughtful yet affordable gift. No couple remembers the guy who got them hand towels.


Rule 3. Color Coordinate With Your Date

❖  If you bring a date make sure to talk to them before the big day. Give your date a call before the wedding to ask what they are wearing so you can coordinate outfits. That doesn’t mean you have to go buy a new suit or anything but matching your tie or pocket square with their dress goes a long way. Not a must necessity but girls love it.


Rule 4. Respect The Open Bar, Eat Before, And Drink Water

❖ Some ceremonies can go on for a really, really long. Like a really, really.... really long time. Some don’t, but do you want to take that risk? It can’t hurt to eat something before the ceremony. This feeds into the next part of this wedding survival guide rule.

❖ Respect the open bar, the wedding’s most dangerous game. Even the best of men can meet their match at the jaws of an all you can drink event, be smart. Don’t try to chug drinks or do shots every 15 minutes like an overzealous freshman at a frat party. Pace yourself, the bar isn’t going anywhere.

❖ Drink water. Your future self will thank you.

Wedding Survival Guide Cigar Man Wedding Survival Guide pro tip: cigars make a man look like a baller


Rule 5. Have A Few Cigars (And A Lighter)

❖ Cigars make anyone look like a straight up G. Frank Sinatra, Jay Z, Michael Jordan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, all of them enjoy a good cigar. A good rule of thumb: bring three to a typical wedding, two for yourself and one to give away. Bonus points if your friends all have one too. A circle of well dressed men smoking cigars makes for an iconic picture.


Rule 6. Don’t Sleep With The Bride

❖ Come on dude, you know this. Do better.


Rule 7. Don’t Be Afraid To Dance

❖ I don’t think anyone actually knows how to dance well, some just have confidence. No one cares how well you dance, just have fun and put yourself out there. Keep it simple, don’t hurt anyone (including yourself). Don’t attempt a move you saw in Magic Mike... or Step Up… actually just remember you aren’t Channing Tatum. Also stretch before, no one wants to pull a hammy.

❖ A little known secret on how to leave on impression on the ladies: dance with a grandma or a flower girl. Most girls find this really endearing, after go ask a bridesmaid* to dance.

*Wedding Survival Guide pro tip: Do your research before and find out which one is single.


Rule 8. Don’t Dance With More Than 1 Grandma, Flower Girl, or Bridesmaid

❖ Don’t be a creep. Dancing with more than one grandma or little girl takes you from a cute, sweet guy to “get the hell away from my kid/nanna” real quick.

❖ Pick one bridesmaid. A wedding is no place for drama or romance there, Casanova.


Rule 9. Keep Your Feelings To Yourself But Be Giving With Compliments

❖ No one cares about your negative opinions at a wedding. Unless you are wearing a puffy white dress, keep your critiques to yourself. But be generous with compliments. If you see a man with a nice watch, let him know. Everyone puts in effort at weddings, acknowledge it.

rice throwing wedding

Rule 10. Relax, it’s a party

❖  Just have some fun. It’s a party based on love, now get a drink and get ready to dance. It’s going to be a good time.

Did we miss anything? Let us know what tips should be added to the wedding survival guide below!


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