How to get the right hat for your face shape & body type part 1

How to get the right hat for your face shape & body type

How to get the right hat for your face shape & body type part 1

As you imagine, people have all kinds of different heads and head shapes with sizes and unique features.

Hat for a larger gentleman:

If you, for example, wear a little one, it makes you look even bigger. If you have a small hat with a not so wide crown and a very short brim, it makes the person look automatically bigger, so that is something you should always avoid. On the other hand, a larger hat makes everything more proportional, more suitable, and the wearer does not look oversized.

Handband on the hat:

The same is true for the hat band, ideally, you go with something quite wide that has a very low contrast to the hat, ideally in the same color. Do not choose a bend that is too contrasting and too slim. You do not want to choose a crown that is up too high, but more of a medium height, with a pinch not so much in the middle because you want to avoid a pointy look. You much either want to go for a little pinch more towards the sides that is not too accentuated and more harmonious look with your fuller body. If you are a bigger gentleman and you want to snap your brim down, that is okay but rather than having just a slight snap, try to snip it all the way down and get a really deep snap, that way it suits your silhouette more. The brim should be rather wide, at least two and a half inches which are about six and a quarter centimeters. Fedoras are a great hat for larger men and so are Homburg hats with a certain size. Like I said, choose the head bend ideally in a color very similar to your head so there is a low contrast.