Have You Ever Seen A Celebrity In A Budget Suit?

Henry Golding, The Rising Style Star

Have You Ever Seen A Celebrity In A Budget Suit?

Discussing extremely good looking people and their extremely expensive suits is what you've seen us doing almost every time we share something. This is because an expensive but well tailored and perfectly fitting stylish suit has a lot to teach us about sartorialism. High end brands may have suits that most of us can't afford, but the intricacy that goes to make one of their suits is worth all the discussion. But sometimes talking and gaining more knowledge is not enough. Sometimes, all that chit chat about elegant suits makes one want to own the suit along with the knowledge.

This is where our three stylish celebrities with their stylish suits come in. They did something that is very uncommon among celebrities. Each of them went for a budget suit this year, and, much to our surprise, made it look as good as any expensive suit from a top brand. Here are the celebrities that we hope we can learn from as much as we can so that we can also look rich and handsome without spending too much.

Kumail Nanjiani


Kumail Nanjiani in this checked $293 option from ASOS proves three things: checks are not something only your grandfather would wear; confidence is the key to looking great; perfect fitting can make a suit match the looks of a luxurious suit from a high end brand. The reason why Kumail's blue checked suit looks so neat and high-quality is that its 100% wool which prevents it from wrinkling easily and from looking cheap. A matching vest is also available at ASOS, but we love that Kumail chose to go with a white shirt and gray tie at the 2018 Film Independent Spirit Awards. This makes the overall look a little lighter and fresher. 

Edgar Ramirez


We know why Edgar Ramirez chose to wear this suit to Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show. It is because the deep plum color of the suit makes it perfect for a night out. Combining the suit with simple black pieces only makes the suit more perfect for the night. We give special points to Mr. Ramirez for those shining boots. You can even transform this $400 suit to make it more suitable for your office only by wearing a blue oxford shirt—perfect for the day.

Darren Criss in Topman


Darren Criss showed up at Late Night with Seth Meyers in a classic two button black suit and a white business shirt. Much to our surprise, the elegant suit was very affordable and was from a common man's go-to place for shopping, Topman. For Darren's quirky take on the business man uniform, we have only two words: it works. You can rock this suit at a number of different occasions. This look will be perfect for you if you work in the art department of a start up or if you’re attending an event as a chief guest. Get the idea?