How To Upgrade Your Style On A Budget

How to look like rich without robbing a bank

How To Upgrade Your Style On A Budget

All of us want to style better than we do currently. Some of us want to step up only a little, while the rest of us desire a big change in style. However, we often can’t do it either because it’s too complicated or too expensive. So we’re here today to show you how to upgrade your style in a simple and affordable way.

A Good Tailor


Finding someone who knows how to use a sewing machine well can prove to be very useful for your style. Not only that, you need to find someone who doesn’t charge you an arm and a leg either. A good and affordable tailor can be very difficult to find as they are few and far between, but once you’ve found one, you need to hold on to them and keep them close. An inexpensive, well-fitted ensemble would look better on you than a loose suit from a high-end brand.



If you lack a decent pair of denim in your wardrobe, now’s the time to invest a little in heavy duty raw selvage denim. They’re not cheap, but your investment will be worthwhile when you see yourself wearing the denim for a long time. Instead of buying several pairs of mediocre jeans, you should invest in one of these once a year and see how they level up your style. The best part: they look better and better the more you wear them.

Basics Come First


A wardrobe that has style always has a strong style base, so it’s important that you get the basics: plain white crew neck T-shirts, navy knitwear and gray marl sweatshirts. They’re simple, but they’re highly versatile pieces. You can style them into both formal and casual outfits.

A Versatile Winter Coat


A versatile winter coat is very important because they’re usually pretty expensive and you’re on a budget. While buying it, always ask yourself how versatile the coat is going to be. For instance, a bright red parka may look good, but it won’t work better than a navy wool pea coat if you try to style it with several different outfits. Neutral colors, like black, are more versatile than bolder ones, like orange.



Accessories never get the credit they deserve. They can be a great way to add more style in an understated outfit. However, if you accessorize a little too much, it’d only make you look like you’re trying too hard to look good. So if you’re ever in doubt, keep it simple. A classic wrist watch can add a touch of elegance and style to your casual weekend outfit. A ribbed beanie can give your formal ensemble a touch of casual style.