Battle of The Slice: Where’s The Best Pizza In Manhattan?

New York, a city synonymous with late nights, beautiful attractions, and above all else delicious pizza. Life is too short too waste on bad food and with over 25,000 pizzerias chance some have to be bad (I know it’s hard to imagine bad pizza). So we made it easy for you, by trying some of the most popular spots in the city to find the perfect slice. Now you can officially know where’s the best pizza in Manhattan.

Prince Street Pizza

Any conversation about the best pizza in Manhattan has to include the famous Prince Street Pizza. The “SoHo Square” earned a reputation for quality ingredients and mouth watering pepperoni. Any legitimate debate about the where’s the best pizza in Manhattan must include Prince Street.

Known for serving heaven in the square form, this spot didn’t disappoint. Upon walking up to the pizzeria the first thing you notice is the line flowing out onto the street. DO NOT LET IT DETER YOU! The line moves quickly and there’s plenty of autographed pictures of celebrities enjoying their pizza to entertain you while you wait. Once you get to the glass you immediately recognize what all the fuss is about.

They said their best slice is the classic pepperoni, it delivered. Fair warning when I eat pizza, I don’t care about my health. The pepperoni makes little pockets of greasy, delicious happiness while the cheese melts in your mouth. Cooked to perfection, the crust has the perfect level of crunch to it while keeping the pepperoni crispy. It might be on Prince Street but this pizza deserves to be called king. Sorry, I know that was a bit cheesy.

Joe’s Pizza

When I first came to New York one place always entered the conversation of best pizza in New York, Joe’s Pizza. With multiple stores scattered throughout Manhattan, we went to the 14th street location (the closest to our office). Filled with satisfied customers and countless articles giving their praise, Joe’s certainly established itself as one of the most popular NYC pizza places.

The man working confidently recommended me the Sicilian slice, for those of you who don’t know it’s a larger doughier pizza. First things first, the sauce is legit. The flavor can’t be put into words with a certain unique, zesty quality that can’t be duplicated. Fresh mozzarella and a good helping of sauce cover a fluffy crust that melts in your mouth. Joe’s certainly lived up to the hype.

Pizza Suprema

Pizza Suprema didn’t look like much on the outside, just your normal run of the mill New York pizza joint. When you walk through the door you’re greeted by classic music (think Sinatra and Dean Martin) and the beautiful aroma of fresh cheese being cooked in a brick oven. The cashier said the best slice was the classic cheese, so I rolled with it.

He did not lie. I swear I went temporarily deaf and blind after my first bite, all my senses went straight to my tastebuds. I could bath in the sauce, I want it coursing through my veins that’s how good this pizza is. You can truly notice the freshness in each ingredient. There’s a clear reason this place has been around for 50 plus years.

So Where’s The Best Pizza In Manhattan?

I’d like to take a moment to thank all of our contestants for their dedication and commitment to pizza. Every pizzeria on this list deserves recognition, but only one can earn our title of “Best Pizza In Manhattan”.

And our winner is *drum roll please* Pizza Suprema! Please, please will the audience please settle down. Pizza Suprema embodies New York pizza in every facet. From the look to the taste to the ambiance everything here is perfection. Hours after I still had the taste in my mouth and only thought about when I’m making the trip to 31st street for a slice of cheese.