A Guide To The Fedora Hat

How to get the right hat for your face shape & body type

A Guide To The Fedora Hat

Hats are more important accessories than we think. They’re very personal, convey a sense of power and give you individuality. The fedora, in particular, is a hat that gives a man such a presence that others find it hard not to have a second look at the wearer. The fedora is mainly a classic with a bohemian touch. The versatility of the fedora cannot be doubted, and the best part is that the fedora can be worn by men of any age.


The fedora has a rich history, which makes one want to wear it even more. The fedora originated in the late 19th century in a play named Fédora written by the French dramatist Victorien Sardou. The word “fedora” comes from the Greek word “Theodoros” which literally means “the gift of God.” Being synonymous with gangsters to being famously seen on the heads of the unconventionally creative, the fedora has come a long way since its origin.

The fedora has a very distinctive shape: soft felt construction, a pinched front, tear drop shaped crown and a wide brim.


As it is a classic headwear, many influential men have worn the fedora. Acting legends such as Cary Grant and Humphrey Bogart were rarely seen without one. The fedora has only grown in popularity and now many celebrities including David Beckham, Tinie Tempah and Jude Law have been seen wearing it.


The fedora can be a bit tough to style, and you may even need some patience and practice in order to pull it off. But once you wear it right, your fedora will instantly add some old school charm to your look.

The tall, dented crown of the fedora makes it suit shorter and/or bigger men as it creates an illusion of height and draws the eye upwards. As far as the brim is concerned, your face shape is very crucial. A wider brim looks good on a longer, oval shaped face, while a slimmer brim looks good on a rounder face. If you have a chiseled jaw-line then almost every brim will look good on you.

Keep in mind that the fedora isn’t one of those classics that look good with any highly casual outfit like a sweatshirt with jeans and trainers. You’d have to see if it goes well with your outfit before stepping out the door. Try wearing it casually with a crew neck T-shirt tucked into tailored trousers, and team your outfit with a pair of Derbies.

Also, the fit of the hat matters a lot, so make sure the fedora you are going to buy fits the way you need it to. If anyone wants to wear it tilted back slightly, they would have to buy one that’s slightly smaller so that it can fit well on their crown.