Is Tie Pin Still in Fashion?

Is Tie Pin Still in Fashion?

Is Tie Pin Still in Fashion? 

Ever wondered what is actually missing from your perfect looking suit? Is it the feel? Or is your suit missing the presence of what makes it complete? I bet you want to know the secret ingredient your suit is missing. A tie pin! A tie pin brings elegance to your outfit, makes it look perfect and classy.

A tie pin, also known as a stick pin, was wore by wealthy gentlemen to maintain their cravats. A tie pin makes you look apart from the audience, makes you look like you know how to wear a suit.


But the main question is whether tie pin are in fashion or not? Tie pin never ran out of fashion. If you dig down history, tie pin have been in fashion since 1920s. Americans embraced the class of tie pins by 1950s while Englishmen were fond of it already. By the 1890s tie pins also became quite famous in the ladies, they were usually wore with sporting outfits for; horseback riding, golf, tennis, bicycling and boating. Tie pins were worn best with cravats in those eras.


Let’s have a look at tie pin in today’s world.  Every classy gentlemen including Jay Z, Ryan Reynolds, Leonardo Dicaprio and our favorite David Beckham are wearing tie pins in their recent showdowns. Recently Jay Z was seen wearing a tie pin, looking all classy in that navy blue suit. As we all know the most sexiest guy David Beckham has been the epitome of fashion for the past few decades, always finding his way to introduce the most classy trends around the globe, well guess what does he never forget while wearing a classy suit? A sophisticated tie pin!


Now coming to the younger and the newer faces we have, many classy boys have been seen wearing tie pins. To begin with, heart robbing Zac Efron was recently caught wearing a simple, decent yet very eye catching tie pin.

One more thing all the young gentlemen need to know is how to properly wear a tie pin. Let’s consider your tie is 10 meter in length, the right place to wear the tie pin is 40% from your neck. Not to high, not to low. It should always be in the centre of your collar and top most button of your suit.