Date Bars: Underdog (Financial District)

Don't ruin the date before the first drink, pick the right date bar.

Ask any single person and they'll tell you the location of a date matters just as much as the person themselves, it sets the tone for the entire night. The right date bar keeps the mood light, allows for easy conversation, and most importantly makes you look good. HDS has you covered with some excellent, field tested date bars.

Underdog Drink and Meny

Need A New Spot To Impress For Your Next Date Night?

Welcome to Underdog, one of Financial District’s best kept secrets located at 55 Stone Street. Tucked away under The Growler (a fantastic bar in its own right); Underdog provides an intimate, Prohibition style setting to create one of the most perfect date bars.

As you walk down the stairs you'll escape the noises of the popular bar upstairs and descend into what feels like the 20’s. Imagine bartenders in bow ties, red leather stools, a wooden bar and the warm sound that only comes from music on vinyl. The Underdog is a true to the name cocktail bar, meaning if you want a Coors Light or a Vodka Soda you should try upstairs.

Stepping through the door I was greeted by Smile Like You Mean It playing from behind the bar and the bartender handing me a menu. Jimmy took us through the menu explaining some of the intricacies and inspirations behind the cocktails.

Underdog currently features drinks inspired by classic albums ranging from the Beastie Boy breakthrough album Paul’s Boutique to Prince’s iconic Purple Rain.* Combining excellent flavor with unique ingredients and enough alcohol to satisfy anyone’s vices, this bar truly embodies the term “cocktail bar”. For a snazzy cocktail bar in Manhattan, the prices are actually pretty fair ($16 a cocktail is manageable).

*Jimmy told us that they change around the menu every few months to keep things interesting, before it was all remakes of classic cocktails


How Much Will This Date Bar Cost?

Be ready to spend a little more here than at some other date bars. If you and your date each get two cocktails and split an appetizer, the bill will come out to around $75 without tip. But I assure you, this place is worth it.

I look for three main things in date bars:
1) Will I be able to talk to my date (i.e. is it too loud?)
2) Is it cool?
3) Am I comfortable there?

Underdog passes my test with flying colors, as soon as you walk through those doors you feel at home. If I won a billion dollars and could design a bar in my basement, this place would be the blueprint. The night ended after one last sip of Graduation Day and Death Cab For Cutie filling the room.

How Does It Compare To Other Date Bars?

Vibe: 10/10 This bar perfectly encapsulates what I look for in bars. Relaxed, not too loud, and most importantly great music. Welcoming enough to talk to strangers, yet still plenty intimate to keep to yourself.

Drinks: 9/10 The cocktails are ridiculously tasty, but I like my beer and they only had two or three options. I can’t blame them because they are a cocktail bar.

Crowd: 8/10 Wall Street folks and business casual locals fill this bar. It never gets too crowded, but there is definitely a type that comes here. I’d suggest a nice button down or maybe even a slick sharkskin blazer if you want to go the extra mile.

Cost: 8/10 A little expensive but that's every cocktail bar in the city. I would've expected to pay much more for such a strong and delectable cocktail. $16 dollars a drink is acceptable when the venue is this nice. Plus, your date will think you're a baller. 

Location: 10/10 I am a big fan of Financial District and Stone Street in particular. Whether it’s Mad Dog’s for margaritas or Adrienne’s for pizza and wine, you can’t go wrong with any bar on this block. Also, within walking distance of the 1/2/3, J/Z, and N/R trains makes it pretty accessible to most Manhattan.

Overall: 45/50 One of my personal favorite date bars in New York. Underdog boasts a warm, welcoming atmosphere that is hard to find. Add in great food and deliciously strong cocktails to make a truly special spot. So next time you need a bar to take that special someone try Underdog, you won't regret.

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