Are you wearing the right shoes?

The Essential Shoe Types for Men

Are you wearing the right shoes?

Now how do we actually decide what kind of shoes to wear with what dresses? Now it is pretty understood that you wear formal shoes with formal clothing and likewise for casual everyday wear.

Now everyone wants their dressing to be topnotch and noticeable in public, therefore you need to be in fashion. So here are few rules you can follow to stay in fashion!

The color combination matters!

One thing you need to understand is that the color of your belt, shoes and the watch you wear should always be same. Never wear brown shoes on a black belt and a blue watch, it is insult to a dress that you’re wearing I say! The color of your shoes should be inclined with your watch and belt.

Choose dark color for shoes if you are deciding to go formal tonight. One rule our favorite Barney Stinson has stated is that: Never wear brown shoes on a black dress. Never. Brown shoes go best with blue suits or derivations of blue: for example; wear dark brown shoes with a navy blue suit.

Now there is nothing more classier than black shoes with a black suit. Who doesn't drool over men in black? I bet everyone does. Nowadays moccasins are more in than the usual dress shoes.


How to decide your casual wear shoes? Well, say no more!


Loafers are quite in this fall so yes, for everyday college wear, i would recommend you casual loafers. Keeping in mind your loafers should be leather made as rexine made loafers are out of fashion.


Moccasins are quite in for casual clothing too guys. Leather moccasins is the new cool slip-in shoes. Yes, loafers have been replaced.


Desert boots are best but not much preferable for fall. They are a good choice for the winters, keeping your feet warm and giving you a sober look.


A good day in the park, you want to jog around and relax your feet a bit, in my opinion, lightweight runners are the best choice. Lightweight runners have redefined the definition of casual joggers.


What never runs out of fashion? Throwback sneakers. Sneakers never run out of style, they have been in fashion since the beginning of this world.