Wes Anderson Is Just As Stylish As His Movies

Wes Anderson Is Just As Stylish As His Movies

Wes Anderson Is Just As Stylish As His Movies

When it comes to distinct cinematic visuals, “Wes Anderson” always comes to mind. Having limiting color schemes, tracking camera angles, a whole lot of subtle comedy and all star casts, the movies Wes Anderson makes have a very a unique feel to them that you will find only in his movies. The most amazing thing about his movies is that all of his stories seem completely separate and unconnected from each other, yet they feel linked by a certain element—we like to call it the Wes Anderson effect. To make such brilliant and detailed movies, it takes a serious amount of planning and research along with a terrific costume department. The costume designing in Wes Anderson’s movies makes his characters stand out, not just from one another but also from all characters ever made in movie history. Having seen so many memorable style elements in Wes Anderson movies, we decided to have a look at the personal style of the man himself. Just like his movie making style, Wes Anderson has a unique way of clothing as well.

Corduroy Suits


Apart from the warm and colorful visuals of his movies, the fantastic Mr. Wes Anderson is also known for his low-profile appearance and worn-in clothing. He seems to be partial to traditionally fitting outfits than the more slim fitting ones we see today. The suit in the picture above is evident to that.

Clarks Wallabees


Wes Anderson is seen wearing a pair of Clarks Wallabees most of the times. Don’t believe us? Just look his photos up on the internet; you will see that he's rocking the mid 90s version of the shoes endorsed by Wu Tang. When Anderson combines these shoes with a wrinkled brown suit, it looks very heartwarming, natural and easy to the eyes. What is even more delightful is that Clarks is still manufacturing the classic Wallabee, and they even have the shoes available in various colors and materials.



We believe that a discussion about the personal style of Wes Anderson is incomplete if his socks are not included in it. Wes Anderson has a special admiration for chunky socks. While doing a research on his socks (yes, you read that right), we found that Wes Anderson mostly wears them in gray, brown, beige and red colors. The Hill-Side has a very nice quality, and we are big fans of their contrasting heel and toe parts.