How to correctly Hem trousers

How to correctly Hem trousers

How to correctly Hem trousers

 When buying your perfect suit, you want to look sophisticated and find the fit that flattering to your body type best. Suits can be very expensive, because of this you should want your suit to last you a long time while keeping its high quality. One way to keep your suit for a decent amount of time is by hemming it. If your suit trousers are too long in length, this can look very unprofessional and lazy but if you decide on hemming your trousers then they will be perfect to wear now. When the trousers become to short, release the fabric stitched and you’ll have more length, meaning you won’t have to buy new trousers whenever you grow.

What you’ll need

All you need to successfully hem your trousers is a needle, matching thread, chalk, seam ripper, iron, scissors, ruler and a sewing machine or a sewing kit.

The first Step: Preparing the trousers

To start, using a seam ripper remove the pre-existing stitching from the bottom of the trouser leg. While removing the stitching be careful not to cut the fabric itself, so take your time. Any zigzagged stitched try not to break as this keeps the end of the fabric from unravelling. Once you have removed the stitching, unfold the fabric completely. Using the iron, fold and iron a fold ½ from the edge of the fabric.
To do this, heat up your iron but first check that the fabric is safe to iron and it will not melt. Once you have ironed the fold on the first leg, repeat with the second leg.

Creating the perfect length

The best way to check for the length the want is to put on the trousers with a pair of shoes you plan on wearing. This way you won’t end up hemming the trousers to long or too high up the leg. Now fold them fabric up on the inside of the leg and check the length in a mirror. Next, pin the hem in place around the leg.
Now you’ve got your perfect length, turn the trousers inside out without knocking the pins out of place. Then using your measuring tape, measure the length between the bottom fold to the top edge of the fabric you previously folded and inside the leg. Now, use chalk to mark each measurement and measure the correct length the whole way around the leg and repeat this step on the other leg. 

Ironing your Hem

If you want to secure the fabric, use an iron. Ironing will make a new crease along the bottom of the trouser leg while removing the old crease. Iron all around the bottom of the trouser and make sure that you remove the pins as you go. Do this for both legs, and before you start to sew try your trousers on again to make sure the length is perfect.

Finally, onto the sewing

To hand sew your trousers, first you need to make sure that the colour of the thread matches the colour of the thread that was originally used. This will help to keep your trousers looking smart and professional. Once you have your thread, thread the needle and began stitching 1 and a half inches from the top of the hem.

If you have a sewing machine available, you can easily sew your fabric this way. Load your bobbin and top spool with your chosen thread, then set the machine for a small to medium straight-line stitch. Start stitching around 1 and a half inches from the top of the hem and carry on the whole way around the trouser leg. Once you have finished the stitching tie off all the ends of the thread inside the trousers, this will stop it from coming loose or undone.