Best Shawn Mendes Outfits So Far

Best Shawn Mendes Outfits So Far

Best Shawn Mendes Outfits So Far

If you don’t know who Shawn Mendes is, you probably haven’t been following new music properly—or at all. Shawn Mendes is a singer and songwriter from Canada, who became famous in 2013 by posting song covers on a video-sharing application called Vine. Mendes just turned 20 this month, and at such a young age and an early stage in his career, Mendes has won so many awards. He bagged four awards last year at the MTV EMAs alone, which should give you an idea about his rapid success. Besides his music, what’s special about Mendes is that he has a wonderful personal style. Shawn knows what suits him and wears it confidently. In such a short amount of time, we have seen Mendes in a number of varying outfits. Here are some of our favorite Shawn Mendes outfits so far—you don’t want to miss the last one.


There is a reason why so many people call Shawn Mendes the king of statement shirts. At the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards, Mendes rocked this shiny bold shirt from Bananatime and balanced boldness of the shirt with a classic dark and well-fitting suit from Armani.



At the 2017 MTV EMAs in November, Shawn Mendes donned an eye-catching outfit that consisted of a clashing The Kooples shirt and a printed suit with paisley pattern. Pulling off a pair of two different patterns together is not an easy feat and this got him some serious attention from fashion enthusiasts at the awards.


In January 2018, at Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy Gala in New York, Shawn Mendes showed up covered in Givenchy pieces from head to toe. His suit was really well-fitting, but what separated his outfit from the rest was his shirt. Mendes donned another statement shirt at the Gala, which had shining lips printed on it. Yes, Mendes really knows how to stand out from the rest.


This is Shawn Mendes’ boldest fashion move ever. At the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards, Shawn Mendes broke the old fashion rule which says that two bright colors should always have a muted color in between. Mendes donned a double-breasted Paul Smith dual-toned suit. The suit’s jacket was half emerald green and half navy in color—a rare sight. The rest of the perfectly fitting suit was navy colored. We appreciate that Mendes didn’t go for too many accessories. He only wore a subtle necklace and a rusty gold bracelet, which is enough as the suit is already very eye-catching.