How To Get A Tie Dimple

How To Get A Tie Dimple

How To Get A Tie Dimple

Knowing how to tie a tie with a dimple is a skill that is absent in most men. Although it is just a small but sharp depression, a tie dimple holds a very high status in the world of fashion. On the other hand, an ordinary man doesn’t give the tie dimple as much value when it comes to dressing up for formal and smart looks.

For the people who are sitting clueless in front of their screens: a tie dimple is created in the last stages of tying a tie. While the knot is being tightened, the part of the wide end of the tie that’s close to the knot is squeezed. This causes the material to crinkle and create a small dimple beneath the knot when the tie is completely tied.

Besides style and elegance, a dimple on your tie shows that you have some real knowledge of fashion. If you want to impress anyone, whether it’s a date or an interviewer, with your dressing, a tie dimple can definitely help you. Another reason to have a tie dimple is that it only requires some practice and nothing else. Without spending any money, you can look more fashionable with a tie dimple. Despite being something simple and small, a tie dimple gives your lifeless tie some character and is very effective when it comes to catching the eye. It’s a sign of a man who knows how to dress: you can confirm this from any James Bond movie.


How To Form A Tie Dimple

The best thing about a tie dimple is that you can add one regardless of which knot you choose to go with. Not just that, a tie dimple doesn’t depend on the material of the tie either. A tie dimple can be made if your tie is made of wool, silk, cashmere or even if it is knitted. Furthermore, when you’re forming the dimple, it is important to make it look casual and a bit rough, so don’t spend hours in front of the mirror trying to perfect it. It’s not supposed to look 100% neat. A dimple placed too well only makes you look like a try-hard.

Follow these instructions step by step to learn how to form a tie dimple.

  1. Start tying your tie as you normally do and place the tie around your neck.

  2. Keep the wider end to your right and the slimmer end to your left, and make sure that the wider side is longer than the other. If you are left-handed, reverse this to make it easier for yourself.

  3. Place the wider side over the slimmer side and wrap it around once.

  4. Pull the wider side up from behind the knot and put it through the gap.

  5. As you pull the wider side down and tighten the knot, pinch the sides of the wider side that are close to the knot, and do it in a way that it creates a dimple.

  6. Remember: The tighter the knot, the tighter the dimple.

This is it. In no time, you have learnt something that will make you look fashionable whenever you wear a tie.