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Dress Down Your Suit To Make It Suitable For All Occasions

Not every occasion calls for a full suit. Don’t be that guy who goes to a cocktail party looking like he just left a job interview. A good suit should not be limited to only corporate events; sometimes a party calls for a more relaxed, business casual suit. The modern gentleman is versatile, so is his wardrobe. Sometimes you need to dress down a suit, but still look professional. Seize happy hour or a garden party by wearing the right business casual suit.

Business Casual Suit = No TieIMG_0881

First things first, ditch the tie. Leave the neck-wear at home to immediately create a more relaxed look. Whether it’s a cocktail party or casual work event, losing the tie transforms a suit into a casual outfit. Keep the shirt tucked and the jacket on, just loosen up a bit. No one's ever said "Hey, look how relaxed that guy in the tie looks!". 

Show Some Skin

After the tie is off, unbutton the shirt a bit too! Don’t get crazy here,  undoing the first few buttons makes the entire outfit appear more casual and less stuffy. For the summer, try no show socks with pants that end at the ankle for an extra trendy, yet casual, look.

Try A Pair Of New ShoesM20325_01_standard[1]

Welcome to the dawn of the comfortable dress shoes. Shoes, from boots to loafers, add a personal touch and be a little more bold with your look. The fashion world recently embraced sneakers as a stylish footwear trend, wear a clean pair of white Stan Smith Adidas or Classic Converse to complete the business casual suit. However, sneakers can be too unprofessional depending on the event so be aware of the appropriate attire.


ultra_slim_white_1button[1]Experiment With Fun Patterns and Cool Colors

Casual events give you a chance to show some creativity. Instead of stiff, plain colors experiment with printed or floral patterns that would be shunned in a law firm. Thankfully this isn’t an office. Fun designs help replace the formality of neck-wear or a tie while providing a chance to get more bold with your style.

For a summer time business casual suit try some light colors. The white suit, pictured right, is a great option for outdoor events when the weather gets hot. If you're feeling particularly flashy, check out this Royal Blue Chalk Stripe suit

Stay cool, stay seasonal.

Make Sure It Fits

Finally as with any other suit, make sure it fits. All professional outfits, casual or not, require everything fitting correctly. Do not make the mistake of associating relaxed with baggy. No one wants to look unprofessional, get your suit tailored.


Do you have advice on how to wear a business casual suit? Be sure to share your secrets in the comment section below.
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