Kanye West Combined His Suit With… Slides!

Kanye West Combined His Suit With… Slides!

Kanye West Combined His Suit With… Slides!

Thanks to the frequent media coverages, Kanye West needs no introduction. The American rapper, singer, songwriter and style icon is no stranger to massive media attention. Over the years, Kanye West has created so many buzzes with his music, comments and style that it feels incomplete when he’s not on the news. Kanye West has done something different and outrageous yet again with his clothing that every person and news source is talking about his recent public appearance.


Kanye West broke so many sartorial rules at 2Chainz’s Miami wedding when he chose to wear a suit with slippers while ditching the dress shirt entirely. It is no surprise that this look is getting a lot of mixed reception. Some people find it bold, new, unusual and eye-catching; some people are outraged that Kanye West dared to break the basic rules of dressing up; and some just think it looks utterly stupid and unattractive.


We know that many of the readers right now are wondering how this combination came to be in the first place. According to our research, Jason Statham did it first when he showed up at the 21st Shanghai International Film Festival in a black suit paired with a white shirt and cross strap sandals, taking the casual vibe to a whole new level.


So this is the second time we’re seeing this combination, but the kind of reaction Kanye West has generated can be explained by the fact that he’s a huge style icon. Also, Kanye West took Statham’s move one step further by not wearing a shirt at all.


The sea green suit Kanye West wore is Virgil Abloh’s first suit from Louis Vuitton’s season one collection. Kanye’s suit looks plain and simple from far away, but an up close look shows how busy it is with the detailing. The outfit features Louis Vuitton’s signature motif embossed throughout the suit. Ditching the shirt was certainly a bold move by Kanye, but he prevents his outfit from looking incomplete by wearing a gold chain and two slimmer necklaces. Now it’s time for the thing that caused all the fuss: Kanye West’s footwear. His footwear is from Yeezy season six with white socks. Wow.

Seeing how big the reaction this combination has generated, we predict that many celebrities will have a go at this style. So there is no doubt that this is going to be added to the fashion trends of 2018. So prepare to see a lot more of this absurd style later this year.