Sweater guide part 5

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  Sweater guide part 5

How a sweater should fit:

First of all, you want the bottom of the sweater to cover the hem at least by a little bit. If you have high-waisted trousers, you can have a shorter hem, but you can also have a longer hem. The next element to look at is your shoulder seam. Sometimes, sweaters are way too big or way too small but the end of the seam should always sit on your shoulder bone. In terms of sleeve length, you ideally want the sweater to end at the base of your hand. Some people like to show a little bit of cuff, others prefer to show none at all. It is simply a personal choice. In the 1990s, sweaters that were rather baggy with a lot of excess material around your waist were popular. I do not think it is a flattering look because sweaters have these elements that keep them tight to your body especially at the waist and you have a lot of flobbering material on top of it, it makes you look bad. Therefore, go for something that is not overly tight and constricting but lays close to your body. Just like with regular suit or jacket you want the armholes of your sweaters to be rather small and tight because the knit allows you to be still flexible and when you lift your arm, your entire sweater will not come up. If you have large armholes and you move up your sweater, everything is pulled up and it looks unfavorable.

Do’s for a sweater, number 1:

Store sweaters neatly folded rather than hanging because if you hang them especially on thin hangers they will stretch over time because the weight will pull them down and when you wear it, you will have excess material on your shoulder area that looks quite bad.