Sweater guide part 3

Top 3 Style Icons For Summer

Sweater guide part 3

Sweater styles, number 3: Zip up sweater

It became popular in recent years and it actually features a sweater on top around your neck.

Sweater styles, number 4: Tennis sweater

It is a white sweater with a very deep v neck cut out and it usually has colored elements around the collar area.

Sweater styles, number 5: Command or wooly pully sweater

It is a very tight fitting crew neck sweater with epaulets. It evokes some military resemblance, and personally, I do not like it, but if you do, go for it. The reinforced elbow patches and shoulder epaulets certainly make for a unique look.

Sweater styles, number 6: Cardigan

If you go from the outside to the inside a lot with lots of changes in temperature a cardigan is your best friend because it can keep you warm when you are outside and you can unbutton it.

Sweater materials, number 1:

The comfort level of a sweater depends hugely on the material used for its yarn. One of the most popular materials and one of the most expensive ones, that is cashmere because it is soft. As you know, the cashmere fiber comes with cashmere goat and it is very fine. The longer the cashmere fibers are, the better the yarn is going to be. And the longest ones are about half inch long. When it comes to cashmere sweaters, you may sometimes see the name 2 ply, 3 ply 4 ply, or even more plys. Basically, the number of plys tells you how many yarns are twisted together into one yarn. The advantage of doing that is the higher the number, the thicker the yarn usually is, and the more resistant it is because it has simply more strands and more fiber. So an 8 ply or 9 ply sweater will generally be much heavier than a 2 ply sweater.