Sweater guide part 2

Top 3 Style Icons For Summer

Sweater guide part 2

Sweater styles, number 1: Crew neck style

This is the original fisherman style. It means, it sits very close to your neck and protects you from the elements and it is round. While this is a functional style, I prefer the v-neck style. The advantage of the v-neck is that it is made to be worn with a collared shirt and with a necktie. Because of the deep cutout, you can really see the tie versus with a crew neck, you would hardly see the tie at all. Maybe if the crew neck is cut out a little bigger, you can get off with a bow tie and that looks quite nice but if you want to wear a necktie or a collared dress shirt, the v-neck should be your choice of sweater. If you do not care about neckwear but you want to stay warm all day long, consider a turtleneck. They can come up with just one layer which is not as advantageous because usually, it gets flimsy, and I prefer the ones that are folded down all the way because they give your neck a nice roll. You can have problems if you have strong beard growth because the hair may poke the sweater and create a pilling. That being said, the turtleneck also known as mock neck or roll neck, can be an elegant option that makes your outfit softer, especially if it is something like a suit or a nice jacket. You can wear it as an evening wear, however, that is strong.

Sweater styles, number 2: Shawl collar style

This style is less popular. It is called that way because it is round. A shawl collar sweater is actually great to have. A heavy sweater on a cold day outside can be a curse once you get inside you are just overheating.