A Guide To Wearing Black In The Summer

A Guide To Wearing Black In The Summer

A Guide To Wearing Black In The Summer

Everybody loves black. However, according to traditional ways, people are supposed to keep black clothing aside when the weather turns warmer as the color absorbs a lot of heat. That said, people can enjoy a black ensemble in the summer if they use lighter layers, more relaxed cuts and an ample amount of accessories. It’s simple. For better understanding, here’s some more detail.



Crew neck T-shirts are pretty simple to style, so go for a plain black crew neck T-shirt in the summer. With it, a pair of trousers in a lighter shade of black will give you a classic look. If you want to go for some other color, blue will work really well with your tee. You’re supposed to wear a light fabric, so obviously a knitted wool top is out of question. Also, make sure the fit of your top is fairly loose.

For a dressier look, go for a black over-shirt. Wear it over a white T-shirt and leave it open. Leaving it open will allow you to feel a bit of breeze, saving you from excessive sweating. Pair your top with jeans or chinos. Wear either trainers or loafers, depending on the smartness of your shirt.


As far as your bottom half is concerned, black is a big commitment as it can make you fairly hot. You can tackle this if you know where you are going, how hot you get and how to style looser pieces.

The obvious choice in this case is a pair of black shorts. A plain and simple pair will be a versatile item to match with your lighter colored tops. However, you must avoid jogger shorts at all costs as they absorb heat and sweat and no longer stay as comfortable as they were when you put them on. Go for chino or linen shorts instead. They come in various sizes, and the best part is that you can easily move and breathe in them.

Apart from shorts, a straight leg pair of chinos is a great option. They’re not as binding as jeans; even their more fitted styles will keep you cool. Also, they go really well with a variety of tops. So pair them with white trainers and a T-shirt and relieve yourself from worrying about looking out of place.


It’s time for your footwear now. If you wish to wear something black, make sure it’s not too heavy. This means you have to save your formal shoes, chunky trainers and boots for some other season. Instead, go for a light pair of brogues or some loafers.

All Black

An all black outfit is not a healthy idea for the summer, unless you want to be drenched in sweat from head to toe and feel faint. If you love the color that much then try mixing some lighter colors in your outfit. You can make this work by simply wearing black shorts and a black over-shirt with a white T-shirt underneath. You can take a black jacket with you for the evenings and wear it when you want to step up your style.