Dinner jacket black tie guide part 4

Dinner jacket black tie guide

Dinner jacket black tie guide part 4

Dinner jacket you can wear, number 3: Brocade dinner jackets

It has a woven pattern. It is subtle but because of its color, it really stands out and it is very close to an off-white dinner jacket. It has dark-faced silk lapels and buttons with a shawl collar and of course, jetted pockets.

Buttons on this dinner jacket:

The pockets can be contrasting just to create an additional contrast and to create something different. Instead of buttons, you sometimes see them with frog toggles. However, I would stick with buttons.

Dinner jacket you can wear, number 4: Tartan dinner jackets

It can be a black tartan which is navy and green, or sometimes you find it in red, black, green, and yellow. This is a unique item that you probably will not get too much wear out of.

Dinner jacket you can wear, number 5: Boldly patterned dinner jackets

It is over the top because it is literally outstanding, but if you wear this jacket for a party, or for a creative black tie, it is totally fine and probably perfect because it stands out. For regular black tie events, it is a little too much.

Dinner jacket you can wear, number 6: Vintage dinner jackets

The difficulty with buying vintage dinner jackets is that oftentimes, they are stained especially when they are off-white, and the cuts are sometimes also quite interesting and different than what you usually see. So, you have to try it on to figure out if it fits you or not. Be cautious when buying online vintage dinner jackets.

Where you should buy a dinner jacket:

Basically, that is up to you but you can find them at bespoke tailors or custom tailors, they will be able to make you one, but that will cost a little more.