Dinner jacket black tie guide part 3

Dinner jacket black tie guide

Dinner jacket black tie guide part 3

Dinner jacket you can wear, number 2: Velvet dinner jacket

Dinner jackets are usually made of silk velvet which was plush and very nice. Today, most jackets are made of cotton velvet, but they can still be very nice. It can be single or double-breasted. In terms of color, I suggest you stick with darker colors because as it stands, a dinner jacket is different from the norm and it is brighter so if you go really bright, you can be seen from a hundred yards away. As you know, being elegant does not always mean being the most flashy person in a room. If you get the single breasted velvet dinner jacket, you can opt for a shawl collar or a peak lapel, but never a notched lapel because it is too informal. For the same reason, should avoid 2 or 3 buttons as well as flap pockets. It also has no vents, and you want to avoid a center vent because again, it is too informal. Maybe you want to have side vents if you stand a lot and have your hands in your pockets, but otherwise, go without vents.

Buttons on this dinner jacket:

Instead of a mother of pearl buttons that are dark or gray, you can also go with cloth covered buttons, but buttons that are a mix of burgundy and brown look nice. I like to choose the mother of pearl buttons as well as turn-ups. To make it a little fun I usually choose a lining in a turquoise color.

Accessories that go with this dinner jacket:

In terms of accessories and shoes, everything you can choose for the off-white dinner jacket also applies to the velvet dinner jacket. if you want to add a touch of color, add a boutonniere, or a pocket square that is contrasting.