Dinner jacket black tie guide part 1

Dinner jacket black tie guide

Dinner jacket black tie guide part 1

When an invitation reads black tie, that means you wear a tuxedo. Traditionally that means a black or midnight blue tuxedo, however, you also have the option to wear a contrasting dinner jacket. Black tie means black bow tie, never black necktie. If you want to stand out in a stylish way, the dinner jacket is the perfect way to go.

What is a dinner jacket?

It is a matching or non-matching jacket worn with a black tie and it can be black, midnight blue or any other color. it can be off-white or burgundy and it can have different patterns. Of course, other colors such as blue, bottle green, or purple work as well. The sky is the limit with the color.

What is not a dinner jacket, number 1: Smoking jacket

The smoking jacket was invented because men would wear it after dinner. They would wear it on top of their tuxedo or dinner jacket and they would go to the smoking lounge and smoke. The smoking jacket was supposed to keep the smoke from the evening wear that you would wear every day. Today, smoking jackets are often used as house jackets. While it is a great garment to be worn at home, it is not a substitute for a dinner jacket.

What is not a dinner jacket, number 2: Mess jacket

This has origins from the body coat or an evening tailcoat, but it does not have the tails. Just like a tailcoat, it has a double-breasted silhouette, it is open and not buttoned, and the back usually has a pointed middle end. You hardly see those anymore today, and usually, they are only a part of a circus costume or maybe aboard a cruise ship but even then, it is usually worn by the crew or the entertainment team and not by the guests.