The Difference Between The Trilby Hat And The Fedora Hat

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The Difference Between The Trilby Hat And The Fedora Hat

Men’s hats are becoming more and more popular in world of fashion. There used to be a time when wearing a hat was thought as old fashioned, unless you were a rich and top hat wearing kind of person, but that trend is nowhere to be seen today. Now, we live in a world full of caps, snapbacks, flat caps and beanies. Today, we’ll give you all the much-needed information on two very suave and very similar styles—the trilby and the fedora.

In this article, we will present some facts to you that would surely help you to choose which hat you should go for: the tantalizing trilby or the fashionable fedora. Generally, in the world of fashion, the fedora is more preferred out of the two hats. This is due to the fact that some trilby hats are sometimes likened to mid 2000s boy band members. However, if you end up liking the trilby look, there is no reason why you shouldn’t wear a trilby. The choice is tough, but with some details and guidance, you’d be able to decide which of the two is better suited to you.

The Difference

A large number of people believe that the trilby hat and the fedora hat look very similar—some even wear the wrong one, thinking that it’s the other—so it is completely normal to be a little bit confused in the beginning. After reading these differences, we hope that all your confusions will be gone.


The fedora hat was first seen in 1891 during the stage play “Fedora.” The cross dressing female protagonist of the play, Princess Fedora, wore a centre creased and soft, wide brimmed hat. And this is how the famous fedora hat we see today came to be. It got popular among men when Prince Edward of Britain started wearing the fedora hat in 1924, so much so that it is still worn by men all around the world to this day.

The fedora hat generally has a wide brim of approximately 2 inch or 6 cm width, but it can be wider than that. As the hat is mostly worn in the summer days, the wide brim proves to be highly functional, protecting the eyes of the wearer from the sun. This also explains the reason why the fedora hat is mostly worn slightly pulled over the eyes—a tremendously cool look. Another characteristic of the fedora hat is that it tends to have a shallow crown. The hat is made from long lasting and enduring materials, such as 100% cotton or felt.


Now it’s time for the trilby hat. Surprisingly, the trilby hat (also known as the “brown hat” in Britain) also originated from a stage play. A hat of this style was first worn in the stage adaptation of George du Maurier’s 1894 novel Trilby, which was performed in London. And so the famous trilby hat was born.

Although it is compared to the fedora hat all the time, the trilby hat is the total opposite of it. It has a much smaller brim as compared to the fedora hat. Also, the crown of the trilby hat is taller than that of a common fedora hat. The trilby hat is also frequently worn on the back of the head, unlike the fedora which is pulled over the eyes. It is obvious from its construction and the way it is worn that the trilby hat is used much more for style purposes than for functionality because it provides no shade to the eyes of the wearer. Trilby hats are commonly made from tweed or straw, which makes them wearable in different seasons, from spring to autumn.