How To Get Cheap Broadway Tickets


One of the biggest charms of living in New York City is all the art that surrounds you. That being said in my first four years I went to see maybe two Broadway Shows. Then I learned a few tricks and secrets to see professional shows without going broke. With the magic of these four tips, you too can learn how to get cheap Broadway tickets. There are countless ways to see a good show without having to rob a gas station or sell a kidney.

Broadway Ticket Lottery

If you’ve been in New York for more than a month than odds are that you have heard of the infamous ticket lottery. It is basically exactly what it sounds like, you put your name in and hope it gets picked. Large productions such as Hamilton offer lottery tickets for cheap, like $10 cheap, to give everyone a chance to see it. You can sign up either online or in-person for the show you want and keep your fingers crossed the theatre gods draw your name. Everyone has the same odds to win, but persistence pays off. With a little luck you can get unbelievably cheap Broadway tickets.


TKTS Booth

TDF has been a staple of performing arts in New York for almost 50 years, but it is more than contentimage31[1]just a membership organization. You know those long lines roped off by the red stairs in Times Square that you assumed was for some tourist bus tour or something? Well that’s actually a TKTS booth. TKTS Booth sells same day or next day tickets to Broadway shows for half-off. The only catch is that you have to be willing to wait in line. Check out to learn more about the Theatre Development Fund.

Become A Member

TDF membership is one of the best kept secrets in New York. Eligibility for TDF is extremely welcoming and requires an annual fee of $34. This gives you the chance to buy discounted tickets weeks in advance. Signing up for some of the popular theatre companies membership programs also offers a bunch of cool advantages. In addition to a discount, members get first chance to purchase cheap Broadway tickets before the general public.

Apps & Online

The age of the internet has ushered in numerous ways to get discounted tickets to high quality productions. TodayTix gives you a chance to purchase seats to your favorite shows up to a week in advance. This app provides service to other big markets such as Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles, and even London. The downside to this app is that you don’t exactly know which seats you will get and not every show is offered. Other websites such as BroadwayBox, Broadway Insider, and Entertainment-Insider all offer discount codes to a multitude of shows. A little effort of comparing offers you can find some great deals!



Websites We Like For Cheap Broadway Tickets

Take a look at these websites to find the best deal. Here that worked for us in the past. (this one gives 5% of the sale to charity so double ✔✔)


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Any advice on how to get cheap Broadway tickets? Let us know what we missed or what works for you in the comment section below!

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