10 Ways to Wear a Tuxedo

10 Ways to Wear a Tuxedo

10 Ways to Wear a Tuxedo

Tuxedos are the epitome of classiness, tuxedos make you worth a thousand dollars. Tuxedos add an attitude to your personality, essence your manhood has always been waiting to embrace. Tuxedos add elegance to your night. Now there are some key points you need to keep in mind before wearing a tuxedo.

So when to wear a tuxedo? How to wear a tuxedo? Where to wear a tuxedo? Well obviously wait for an invitation to wear one suit. Elsewhere you always have balls and oprahs to wear a tuxedo.

Guide to wear a tuxedo:

  1. Make sure your invitation clearly mentions a tuxedo in the dress code. No one likes to wear a tuxedo early morning. Rule number 1 is that never wear a tuxedo before 6pm. Tuxedo is like the Batman of dresses, never seen in the bright day light.

  2. Whenever your invitation says black tie optional, it means it is compulsory to wear a black tie so do not forget.

  3. Always choose the right jacket and the right pants accordingly, Look at the event you're attending and decide accordingly, don't go out looking like goofy at a top notch fundraiser.

  4. Chose the perfect shirt with your tuxedo. Always wear a wing collar shirt as it reveals the class of your bow running around your neck. Never wear a wing collar with a tie, tie is always worn with traditional point collar.

  5. Never wear a tuxedo without a bow, now we know fashion changes and we change accordingly but no. Never ever wear a tuxedo without a bow. It’s just not classy anymore.

  6. Now if you are not wearing a double breasted jacket, you should always keep in mind that it is mandatory to wear a vest or cummerbund.

  7. Shoes are a very important part of your dressing, always wear pure leather shoes or Oxfords with your tuxedo.

  8. Wear a scent around the jacket with a sophisticated jacket pin, adding elegance to your gentlemen nature.

  9. Wear a decent, sophisticated and a black watch. Never wear a brown watch on a black tuxedo. Make sure your watch goes along your suit. Also wear cufflinks, cufflinks are the accessories which you should never forget about your suit.

  10. Do not forget to be a gentlemen while taking a beautiful date to a ball, and what kind of a gentleman does not wear a boutonniere.