Professional Shoes That Won’t Leave You With Wet Socks

Waterproof Work Shoes: Suits 101

Shoes in the rain

Professional Rain Boots That Won’t Leave You With Wet Socks

We’ve all been there. One day your alarm goes off, you are getting ready for work, and all you hear is the sound of pouring rain. You don’t want to ruin your dress shoes by getting them soaked. So next time instead of wearing plastic bags on your feet, consider investing in some rainy day safe alternatives like these office appropriate waterproof work shoes.

Sneaker Rain Boots

A simple, but still stylish alternative to rain typical rain boots. Sneaker rain boots end above the ankle and offer coverage from the weather. Some classics, such as Converse, feature waterproof options that fit a more casual work environment. Hunter and Frye also make these rain boot wannabe sneakers.


Converse Waterproof Canvas $70 Converse Waterproof Canvas $70
Frye Ryan Lug Hiker Boots $258 Frye Ryan Lug Hiker $258

Cordovan Leather: The Ultimate Waterproof Work Shoes

Cordovan” refers to a particular type of leather used in the making of the shoe. This leather is actually made from horsehide and generally provide excellent protection from the rain. These shoes are sleek, stylish and not surprisingly the most expensive. Look for these shoes with a Dainite sole for an elegant solution to all of your water worries.


Military Style Boots

Multiple brands sell boots that are not only stylish but completely waterproof. Hunter (left) and Timberland (right) offer work friendly options to keep your feet dry on the way to the office. This style became more popular recently and come in multiple variations to fit your personal brand.

Duck Boots

The most classic option. Odds are your father and his father have owned a pair of duck shoes at one point in their lives. A little less office appropriate but a lot more protection. These boots will keep your socks dry from anything Mother Nature has to throw at you and definitely look nicer than plastic bags on your shoes.

Slip on Galoshes

Want to wear your favorite work shoes even when it rains? Try slip on Galoshes. They cover your dress shoes to provide a waterproof cover. Galoshes can be easily taken on and off to provide flexibility. The extra layer also helps keep your feet warm throughout the winter. Extra Bonus: you can find a nice pair for under $25 on Amazon.

If Your Dress Shoes Do Get Wet

If the disastrous event that your nice shoes get soaked, don’t worry. You can save them. First, let them dry for 24 hours without wearing them. Make sure they dry naturally, putting them by the boiler or using a hair dryer will cause the leather to buckle. Also use a shoe tree to ensure that the shoe dries the right way. In case of emergency stuff newspaper inside to absorb the moisture.

Have any tricks to beat the rainy days or a favorite pair of office appropriate waterproof work shoes? Please comment and share your best advice on how to stay dry professionally.