10 things a woman notices about a man part six

10 things a woman notices about a man

10 things a woman notices about a man part five

The ninth thing that woman notices: Your smell

So most men know, okay, wear deodorant because I don't want to smell bad, but only twenty percent of men wear fragrance on a regular basis, and that is a shame because women pick up on fragrance. They are a lot more sensitive to it then we are and it is something that they love. If you have a fragrance which she is going to remember you by that becomes your signature scent, guys, it gives you a huge advantage.

The tenth thing that woman notices: Your style details

She is starting to pay attention to your watch, to your bracelet, to your rings, to those little things like the texture of the fabric. Leather gives a strong masculine feel, but maybe you have got a sweater. Women love the nap surface of a sweater, they almost want to touch it. This goes back, this is very primal, it is kind of how we did a circle here, but you want to have small style details that instantly send the signal, oh, this guy invests in himself, he actually looks really good. They will look down at your shoes, oh, he has got a little bit of suede there. That is a really nice boot. It is a great thing because women pay attention to the style to all these details because they are judged by them, so they are more in tune with it even though men are oftentimes style for us is more about status, it is more about power, it is something that they look at this they are like, this guy pays attention to the details. Remember, pay attention to the details and the woman you like will see it and she will like it too.