10 things a woman notices about a man part four

10 things a woman notices about a man

10 things a woman notices about a man part four

The sixth thing that woman notice: Your clothing

Of course, she is now going to make a quick determination about your style, your clothing and she is going to look at the fit, she is going to look at the fabric, she is going to look at function. And at this point, she is making an overall determination, from a distance she is maybe not up close, but she is like, wow, his clothing fits him, it all looks good. This guy has got some style. I am curious and I want to get closer and I want to learn more. Just make sure that you nail the fit, nail the fabric, nail the function.

The seventh thing that woman notice: Your mannerisms

She is going to notice your mannerisms when you engage and talk with other people. Do you acknowledge her? Do you acknowledge others? Do you maybe stay focused on one individual? Do you introduce yourself? Do you actually try to spread out the conversation? Are you someone who just loves to talk about yourself and you don't care to hear about anyone else?
So be aware that she is aware of this bigger picture. She is looking at where do you fit. Of course, status is important here so that you can make people laugh, that you can engage, that you are someone that other people are seeking out. All of this is important, but she is also looking at how do you pay attention to others. Are you the kind of guy and there are guys out there that ignore women. They will just talk to the men in the group and they will ignore that the woman over here has something to say. Or are you the kind of guy that is going to seek out and try to bring everyone in? Consider it and try to be a better guy.