10 things a woman notices about a man part three

10 things a woman notices about a man

10 things a woman notices about a man part three

The fourth thing that woman notice: Your face

So when the woman comes close she is immediately going to look at your face and she is looking at your face for health reasons. She is trying to make a quick determination, okay, is this a suitable partner, is this somebody that I want to engage with. And I am not saying that you need to stare at her, but you do need to make some, you know, eye contact, so she is going to notice that immediately. She is also going to look at your face, you know, from your facial hairs she is going to make a quick determination of your age. She is going to look at that facial hair and some women love stubble, other women just love beards. Not all women like beards, but I have heard from a lot of bearded guys, they talk about how just women will come up to them in a bar and start stroking their beard. That is great because you immediately get the woman you like to touch you and you get much closer when you break one of the barriers down there. But getting her to look at your face and in a sense, she is going to make a quick determination.

The fifth thing that woman notice: Your smile

Gentlemen, one of the easiest things that you can control, and so few gentlemen do it right. I am guilty of this. I was so bad at smiling when a woman would look at me. But I had a friend and the guy I didn't think he was the most attractive guy, but he just had a smile. It wasn't one of those crazy smiles, it was simply an endearing smile with women. You have to know how to smile, you have to practice smiling whenever a woman looks at you because it is something she is going to notice.