10 things a woman notices about a man part two

10 things a woman notices about a man

10 things a woman notices about a man part two

The second thing that woman notice: Your body movements

So what you want to do here is just don't do anything that is going to surprise her. Have you ever been next to somebody and they jump and you jump? That is because you scare them. Now, it is okay if you know somebody and just scares them, but if you don't know them, you don't want to put that person off. So, make sure you're movements are smooth, that you are not doing anything if she is on the other side of the bar and she is looking at you, you are looking at her, don't close yourself off. Be more open, pay attention to your body language. It is the second thing that she notices.

The third thing that woman notice: Your hands

She is going to look at your hands. Again, this is getting primal here, but she is going to make sure that you are not going to hit her, that you are not going to inflict harm, that you are not going to pull out a weapon and it is something simply keep them present,  make it so that, you know, hey, you can see my hands that you are very approachable. Women oftentimes are smaller than men. They have to be very aware that I can put into a situation in which he could grab me, he could overpower me, so women are going to be looking at your hands. This is very important, to look nice, look comfortable, be pleasant because if you are doing it that way, she will be the same too. And she will feel nice by your side. So you can impress her or make her feel much, much better. The woman you like needs to feel safe. Remember that.