Panama hat guide part 3

Panama hat guide

Panama hat guide part 3

Quality Panama hats are usually brought in a raw stage to the US or to other countries which are then blocked by an experienced head blocker who can get exactly the shape the customer demands. Traditionally, every Panama hat was woven by hand but due to a high demand, most hats these days are machine woven.

Things you should pay attention to when you buy a Panama hat, number 1: Verify if it is a handmade hat

It can be tricky, but if you go with a reputable hat store you will know they come from Ecuador. Ideally, you should buy for quality and longevity, not for the price.

Things you should pay attention to when you buy a Panama hat, number 2: Shape of the hat

There are typical shaped Panama hats that you find all over the place, but there are also vintage shaped ones and that hats have taller, higher crown, and in my opinion, a much more attractive curved shape. Do not be discouraged by the hatbands and the ribbons. Most of them are black and come in very boring shapes, but it is very easy to take them off and have unusual colors in different shapes added for a very low price. For example, for five dollars you can get hatband in the color you like. Traditional Fedora style Panama hats usually feature a leather sweatband, which in my opinion is not ideal, because it is a hat you wear during warmer seasons and as such, with a leather, you are more prone to sweating. In my case I have zits on my forehead and to prevent that, I either choose cloth headband or I go completely without one. When you buy hats sometimes, you find hat boxes and they are usually more for decorative purposes and traditionally sometimes, it was a hallmark to show that a hat was so soft that you could roll it and put it in the box.