Panama hat guide part 2

Panama hat guide

Panama hat guide part 2

Traditionally, a Panama hat has a loose back weave which is much more elegant than a cut and sewn edge. So when you want a quality hat, look for that edge because if it's back woven, it's of a much higher quality than if it’s cut and sewn. Typically, you have one person who starts the back weave, a second one that tightens it, and the third one cuts off the loose straw so it has a polished nice finish. If you have a very fine hat, they keep that excess straw and use it to maybe make repairs later. In the next step, the hats are washed and bleached with sulfur to make them softer and more suitable to wear as a wonderful summer hat.

Quality hallmarks of Panama hat, number 2: Vueltas

Vueltas are concentric circles and you can see them on the brim when you hold it against the sun or a strong light source. The more circles there is, the better, and quality of the hat is higher.

Quality hallmarks of Panama hat, number 3: Price

The most expensive Panama hats in the world can fetch anywhere from twenty to thirty thousand dollars. Entry level hats can be very cheap, starting at twenty dollars all the way up to a hundred dollars depending on the finishing, the brand, the look, the hatband, and the quality of the straw. In terms of style, probably the most popular one is the fedora style. The second style is the Optimo style which is distinctly British and it is characterized by a slight dent through the middle of the crown. The third most popular style is the planter style which has a wide brim which protects you from the sun, and a molded crown. The fourth style is the gold Panama hat which oftentimes features an open weave because it is so open, you get a better airflow especially in breezy conditions.