Can Neckties Still Look Cool in 2018?

Can Neckties Still Look Cool in 2018?

Whenever a man thinks of something elegant to add as an accessory to his outfit, he surely picks neckties. Neckties have been a part of men’s fashion as an important part and known to encompass respect and dignity. History shows that people in the past took their dresses very seriously and were particular about them. For them, dresses were the definition of one being. No matter, how we quickly run forward with the time, some historical things never lose their place and so do the neckties.

As you see in 2018, many offices are setting a casual dressing instead of a formal one, so people are left in confusion about whether they look respectable and classy in neckties or not. Well, don’t worry we have a lot to tell you about wearing neckties this year. See for yourself!

Beat Others, Stay Classy!

Leave what others think of ties, how beautifully neckties bring classiness to the clothing, no one can ignore it. And it’s a simple way to show others what you have got.

Look Casually Formal

All of us know someone from our family or friends, who hates being dressed up in a formal party-wear because yes, such dresses are really hard to maintain and carry on throughout the event. An easy solution to such problems is ties. Many designers and brands are showcasing pre-tied ties so it’s a win-win for those who are lazy enough to tie a tie. Wear a perfect necktie with khaki pants and a white formal shirt and over this a blazer that would just look really smart for your casually formal look.

Ties are Still in Fashion

The answer you all must have been waiting for is here. “Ties are trending this year.” The 2017 runway showed the possibility of again getting in wider neckties in summer and spring of 2018 and it is now crystal clear that they are here for sure in the Vogue. The new thicker ties bring 1970s sensation in 2018 with a refreshing aura as for many years, people had been seen wearing narrow ties.

Still, if you feel hanging in between the two things, that is, “I should wear neckties, or I shouldn’t wear neckties”, then you need to revamp your looks with neckties that would put a full stop at the end of your stupid thoughts.