What is French faced interior?

As you browse the variety of suits on Hundred Dollar Suits, you may come across some that feature a French Faced Interior. We know that not every one of our shoppers can keep up with all the variables that go into buying the perfect suit. So let us break down one of the more common features.

The lining in your suit is necessary for maintaining weight and structure. In addition, the lining provides  the layer between you and the exterior of your jacket, keeping you comfortable and cool. Our suits are made of 65% Rayon Viscose and 35% Dacron, creating a unique material blend that ensures the interior lining does not get caught on your shirt, and is able to move with the jacket.

When you see that one of our suits has a French faced interior, it simply means that the same high quality fabric that stretches over the lapel, extends to the interior of the suit. So if you have recently purchased one of Hundred Dollar Suits high quality suits or tuxedos, such as our best selling Black Slim Fit Tuxedo, you would find the interior lined with the same smooth satin that wraps over the modern notch lapel.  

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