How to dress for your body type and shape part 1

How to buy your perfrct suit online

How to dress for your body type and shape part 1

The goal is to invest in clothes that flatter you, that highlight your strengths, and make your weaknesses look advantageous. 

General tip for any body type:

You should have your clothing tailored because only that way can you highlight good parts.

Body type number 1: Rectangular

It is a proportional look and it means that the width of your shoulders is about as wide as your hips. It is a very masculine style and something all men aspire to. If you are lucky enough to have this body type, there is hardly anything you can not wear because most of the things will look good on you, even if they come off the rack. Overall if you wear something, make sure it is consistent. Let's say you get a suit that is wider on top that has wider lapels, you also want wider pants. If you go with a slimmer lapel, about 3 inches, make sure your pants are also cut trimmer. Basically, you want to keep it proportional throughout and not have something that is extremely slim at the bottom. The rectangle can be a different thing, it can be a slim rectangle or a wider rectangle. You want to strive for something in the middle so if you are very skinny, you should get something that is about 3 ½ inches in the lapels with some kind of fullness but nothing that is too skinny. Same thing if you are wide, you do not want to emphasize that even further and maybe go with something a little slimmer. Something that looks really nice with your body type is a vest or a waistcoat because it covers your middle section but it just highlights your framework and it is always very advantageous. You can also wear bolder patterns such as wider stripes, or windowpanes because they are quite flattering for your type. If you are shorter and wider do not wear any skinny clothes because they will make you look even wider.